Urban community participation is required in many "higher level" interactions as indicated in the parent row below.


Name1 Urban Community Participation
Target Outcome citizen involvement in the community agenda, and the implementation of motivated/justified decisions.
Social actors and roles local government: agenda setting, opening & closing of consultation period, reporting & summarizing, feedback ; community members, national agencies, ngo's, international organizations: giving comments, voting on others' comments
Trigger or preceding interaction awareness and interest raising
Interfaces and services
Inputs and outputs input: comments from stakeholders; output: periodic city consultation document
Stores and tools for example: city consultation wiki
Other characteristics
Part of Hyogo Key Activity 1,…
Parts agenda setting, opening & closing of consultation period, giving comments, voting on others' comments, reporting & summarizing & reporting
Succeeding Interactions repeat
Action Realm Monitoring & Evaluation with impacts in Operations and Change realms
Further reading e.g. Cities without slums (Atria.us)

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Position of urban community participation among the interactions: