Business or work operations ISIC Section K - Financial and insurance activities and function of government #cofog0112 - Financial and fiscal affairs (CS)


Name1 Financial operations
Target Outcome Facilitating capital formation in the economy through saving mobilization and investment, thus contributing to national growth, entrepreneurship growth and industrial development.
Social actors and roles Lender (role of a natural person (ens) as retail investor or legal person (ens) as institutional investor); financial intermediaries such as banks, insurance companies, Pension Funds and Mutual Funds; Borrowers (such as individuals, companies, central government, local authorities and public corporations).
Trigger or preceding interaction risk assessment by the lender of the borrower
Interfaces and services Portfolio
Inputs and outputs Inputs: capital from lenders; Output: capital for borrowers with strings attached
Stores and tools Tools depend on the type of financial market. One overarching tool are the Principles for Responsible Investment.
Other characteristics
Part of Techno-commercial Interactions (socio-economic activity)
Parts capital markets , commodity markets , money markets , insurance markets, foreign exchange markets
Succeeding Interactions Trade (on secundary markets)
Action Realm Operations
Further reading Financial market (Wikipedia).

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