urban community participation

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Position of urban community participation among the interactions:

Name Urban Community Participation
Reference e.g. Cities without slums (Atria.us)

Socio-economic scope

- Roles local government: agenda setting, opening & closing of consultation period, reporting & summarizing, feedback ; community members, national agencies, ngo's, international organizations: giving comments, voting on others' comments
- Tools for example: city consultation wiki
- Services
Inputs/Outputs input: comments from stakeholders; output: periodic city consultation document
Target Outcome citizen involvement in the community agenda, and the implementation of motivated/justified decisions.

Dynamic context

Urban community participation is required in many "higher level" interactions as indicated in the parent row below.

Action Realm Monitoring & Evaluation with impacts in Operations and Change realms
Part of Hyogo Key Activity 1,…
Parts agenda setting, opening & closing of consultation period, giving comments, voting on others' comments, reporting & summarizing & reporting
Preceeding Interactions awareness and interest raising
Succeeding Interactions repeat

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