Business or work operations of the producer in any of the sections of the ISIC classification.


The clarification for the fields in the template is given in the Interaction template (Actant Dictionary).

Name Production
Target Outcome A number of products per period of time, and amount of inputs
Social actors and roles Producer (role of a natural person (ens) and/or legal person (ens)).
Trigger or preceding interaction Trade (buying inputs), hiring workers and production planning
Interfaces and services Production plan; Inventory (for inputs and outputs)
Inputs and outputs Inputs: parts, energy and effort,time; Output: the product
Stores and tools Tool use depends on whether content (ens) or material (ens) is being produced.
Other characteristics
Part of Socio-economic activity
Parts Production and assembly of parts, or inputs
Succeeding Interactions Trade (selling outputs), remuneration (of workers), productivity evaluation
Action Realm Operations
Further reading Production engineering handbook.

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