After a first creation of a risk register, the identified risks must be monitored (Monitoring), and initiatives to mitigate risks can be implemented by making use ofRegulative Interactions.


Name1 Risk analysis
Target Outcome
Social actors and roles See the embedded guide.
Trigger or preceding interaction Awareness of vulnerabilities, for instance following a disaster.
Interfaces and services services
Inputs and outputs i/o
Stores and tools See the embedded guide.
Other characteristics
Part of Monitoring
Parts See the embedded guide.
Succeeding Interactions Initiatives to mitigate risks, for instance to address severe vulnerabilities.
Alternatives Do nothing, and be exposed more to the consequences of disasters.
Action Realm Monitoring & Evaluation
Risks Being unprepared when a disaster occurs. As a consequence, the disaster may cause much more damage, including damage that could have been prevented.
Further reading Participatory Capacity and Vulnerability Analysis - A practitioner's guide (By OXFAM)

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