Name1 Creating a common vision
Target Outcome An agreed vision. Because of their participation in formulating the vision the various stakeholders may appreciate better what unites them.
Social actors and roles party leaders, a cross-section of the population
Trigger or preceding interaction Initiate the dialogue with a cross-section of the population.
Interfaces and services platforms for inviting public comment
Inputs and outputs input: various opinions on aspirations for socio-politico-economic development, on the challenges that stand in the way, etc. ; output: an agreed vision document
Stores and tools a white paper, a poster,…
Other characteristics
Part of a regulative interaction for a territory, organization, product or service
Succeeding Interactions Use the vision to make a list of discrepancies that came up during the process, discuss these discrepancies and look for agreements or possible ways to address them.
Alternatives Skipping the vision and moving immediately to discussing the realization may complicate finding agreements
Action Realm Change
Risks The main risk is that key factors are not addressed in the dialogue leading to the common vision. By involving a wide cross-section of society, this risk is small.
Further reading For a country, after a conflict: Reconstructing Public Administration after Conflict: Challenges, Practices and Lessons Learned, World Public Sector Report 2010 (United Nations Public Administration Network, UNPAN)
Techniques: …

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