SDG Country reporting (#nfur01 - national SDG reporting) is a capability that is part of the the broader 2030 Agenda Review Framework (capability) for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

National reviews should be consistent with the voluntary common reporting guidelines (for use in theVoluntary National Review) proposed by the UN Secretary-General for the follow-up review under the High-level Political Forum.

In the figure below we model the different capabilities that are part of the national follow up and review using the capability strategy element (ArchiMate Framework).

National Follow Up and Review - #NFUR00 #ASD79 (using ArchiMate's model elements)


Name1 National follow up and review
Domain #cofog0132 - Overall planning and statistical services (CS) and the functions of government and stakeholders across many economic activities in the country.
Target Outcome
Social actors and roles

Multiple stakeholders. All relevant ministeries and government agencies

The national statistical office has a coordinating role and responsability for approval of data for use in official national statistics.

Trigger or preceding interaction Launch of the 2030 Agenda Review Framework.
Interfaces and services

Building blocks of effective national follow up and review include:

Much attention is needed for the forging of national consensus on:

Inputs and outputs Inputs: data that is regularly collected by the national statistical system involving all relevant ministeries and government agencies; guidelines by the UN Statistical Commission
Outputs: SDG country report
Stores and tools A national reporting and review framework
Other characteristics
Part of 2030 Agenda(j) (per country) and 2030 Agenda Review Framework
Parts (The building blocks of a National Review process): The fostering of mutual accountability; Inclusive national policy dialogue; Cooperation and collaboration among Government agencies and ministries; Coordination by the national statistical office; Facilitating comparability across and within countries; Preparation of a national SDGs report; Opportunities for capacity development; Subnational or local thematic reviews.
Succeeding Interactions Follow-up including changes to the national and sub-national action plans.
Alternatives Not doing national follow up and review (and missing regional development opportunities, as well as opportunities for improving the national action plans).
Action Realm Monitoring & Evaluation
Risks risks
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