The purpose of this step is to identify external organizations and service providers that may have already met, or are currently facing needs similar to the ones identified in #CPM01 - Identify and validate, and then to analyse their experiences and results to determine if they can be applied and leveraged or if a partnership can be formed to address the needs together. In alignment with “Shared First” principle, it is at this point that the planners consult both internal and external service catalogues for pre-existing services that are relevant to the current needs. In some instances, an entire business model, policy, technology solution, or service may be reusable to address the needs defined in #CPM01 - Identify and validate – an important benefit in these cost-constrained, quickly evolving times. Based on this analysis, leadership and stakeholders determine whether or not they will be able to leverage the experiences and results from other organizations.


Name1 Research and leverage
Target Outcome At the conclusion of this step, the architects, leadership, and stakeholders have a clear grasp on the experiences and results of other organizations, and the leadership and / or governance have determined whether or not they can leverage these experiences for their own needs. In some instances, another organization may be currently planning for similar needs and a partnership can be formed to collectively plan for these needs. The decision to leverage or not leverage has a significant impact on the planning activities in #CPM03 - Define and plan. For instance, if the organization determines that its can leverage policies and systems from another organization in order to meet its own needs, these policies and systems become a critical input to planning.
Social actors and roles Depending on the level of scope at which it is performed
Trigger or preceding interaction #CPM01 - Identify and validate
Interfaces and services Depending on the level of scope at which it is performed
Inputs and outputs Depending on the level of scope at which it is performed
Stores and tools Depending on the level of scope at which it is performed
Other characteristics
Part of Organize and plan
Parts These could be possible parts: Collaborative therapeutics, Scenario planning
Succeeding Interactions #CPM03 - Define and plan
Action Realm Monitoring & Evaluation
Risks risks
Further reading Common Approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA).

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