• DRR institutional mechanisms (national platforms); designated responsibilities
  • DRR part of development policies and planning, sector wise and multisector
  • Legislation to support DRR
  • Decentralisation of responsibilities and resources
  • Assessment of human resources and capacities
  • Foster political commitment
  • Community participation

This activity is part of the Hyogo Framework for Action


The clarification for the fields in the template is given in the Interaction template (Actant Dictionary).

Name Hyogo Framework Key Activity 1: Ensure that disaster risk reduction (DRR) is a national and a local priority with a strong institutional basis for implementation
Target Outcome outcome
Social actors and roles roles
Trigger or preceding interaction
Interfaces and services services
Inputs and outputs i/o
Stores and tools tools
Other characteristics
Part of Hyogo Framework for Action
Parts urban community participation
Succeeding Interactions
Action Realm Change
Further reading ref

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