Mutual accountability is a common principle critical to the delivering of results. The fostering of mutual accountability is one of the building blocks of the #NFUR00 - National follow up and review - #asd79 as described in the UNDG Guidelines to support country reporting.

The fostering of mutual accountability in the National Follow Up and Review - #NFUR02 (using ArchiMate's model elements)

The hashtags in the figure support the (online) retrieval of additional information about several elements (especially via Twitter). All model elements and their relationships are defined in the Archimate Framework.

The UNDG guidelines explain how the elements in the figure are related to one another.

  • The accountability of various stakeholders—governments, citizens, businesses and development partners—will define the success of the SDGs. Multistakeholder, transparent, open and participatory national and subregional review processes can contribute significantly to mutual accountability.
  • The 2030 Agenda calls on major groups and other relevant stakeholders to report on their contributions. This is particularly important for actors who manage significant resources or assets, and could play an important role in attaining individual SDGs and targets. These could comprise, for example, businesses, non-governmental organizations, specific partnerships and alliances, large cities and others. To ensure comparability, reports from such stakeholders could build on a voluntary template - #crg4VSR based on existing tools and models. As the Secretary-General’s Report points out, online platforms could play a unique role in this endeavor.
  • Accountability is particularly critical for the means of implementation, e.g., through finance, trade and access to technology as well as the domestic and global policy environment. Drawing lessons from the MDG Taskforce Report on Goal 8 (The MDG-8-Gap-Report), international organizations in collaboration with national governments may wish to produce a similar report to complement the national SDG report. Ideally, however, SDG-17 on the means of implementation should be an integral part of the comprehensive national report analysing successes and failures as well as challenges and obstacles to all of the goals.

Further reading: UNDG Guidelines to Support Country Reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals

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#NFUR02 - Fostering mutual accountability in the tree of 2030 Agenda Review Framework: