An inclusive national policy dialogue is one of the building blocks of the #NFUR00 - National follow up and review - #asd79 as described in the UNDG Guidelines to support country reporting.

The guidelines write about it:

  • Inclusive, open and transparent national and subnational dialogues on SDG implementation can develop common understanding of sustainable development challenges, help contextualize and prioritize the SDGs given national circumstances, define integrated policies and implementation strategies, and determine evaluation criteria and modalities.
  • Inclusive dialogues should be an integral part of national SDG report preparations, covering conceptualization, validation and dissemination. By enhancing a common understanding of challenges and the integrated nature of the SDGs, such dialogues help break the silo mentality of policy makers and enhance cooperation among ministries and government agencies.

The UN system can help by bringing different stakeholders—policy makers, civil society organizations, academia, business, etc.—together. But given the country-led nature of the reviews, countries rather than the UN system should provide the platform for involving various stakeholders

Further reading: UNDG Guidelines to Support Country Reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals

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#NFUR04 - Inclusive national policy dialogue in the tree of 2030 Agenda Review Framework: